FCS Player’s on 11th Annual Reese’s Senior Bowl Watchlist

Meet the future NFL stars from FCS on the 11th Annual Reese’s Senior Bowl Watchlist. Excitement builds as they gear up for the grand stage.

Samford QB Michael Hiers drops back for a pass against VMI
Source: Samford Athletics

In the realm of college football, there's an electrifying anticipation that precedes the transition from campus heroes to the grand stage of the NFL. A select group of senior players hailing from the FCS have already etched their names onto the radar of NFL scouts and enthusiasts alike. The stage is set, and the spotlight shines bright as these exceptional athletes make their mark on the 11th Annual Reese's Senior Bowl Watchlist.

For these standout players, the road to professional football isn't a distant dream—it's a tangible reality, marked by their impressive contributions and exceptional skill sets. The Senior Bowl Watchlist serves as a testament to their unrelenting dedication, perseverance, and an unwavering commitment to their craft. From the towering offensive linemen who provide the backbone of protection, to the dynamic playmakers who orchestrate awe-inspiring moves on the field, each player on this list embodies the culmination of years of hard work, grit, and raw talent. Their inclusion on this prestigious roster isn't just a recognition of their past accomplishments; it's an invitation to join a storied tradition and showcase their abilities on one of college football's grandest stages.

As the countdown to the Reese's Senior Bowl commences, the anticipation builds—football enthusiasts and scouts alike eagerly await to witness the next generation of NFL stars rise to the occasion, leaving an indelible mark on the gridiron and etching their legacy in football history. The full list of these promising talents can be explored on the official Reese's Senior Bowl Watchlist. Below is the list of 50 FCS players who have claimed their spot on this prestigious watchlist, poised to shape the future of professional football.

Big Sky


  • OL Chris Walker

Northern Colorado

  • LB David Hoage


  • WR Hayden Hatten

Sacramento State

  • TE Marshel Martin

Weber State

  • LB Winston Reid

Big South-OVC


  • DL Daylan Dotson


  • WR Ryan Flournoy


  • DL Ty French


New Hampshire

  • RB Dylan Laube


  • DB Isaiah Greene
  • OL Mike Edwards


  • DL Jesus Gibbs

William & Mary

  • DL John Pius

Rhode Island

  • OL Nick Correia


  • OL Ryan Coll

Ivy League


  • OT Jalen Travis


  • OT Kiran Amegadjie


  • DL Thor Griffith



  • OL Anim Dankwah

North Carolina Central

  • QB Davius Richard
  • OL Torricelli Simpkins III


Northern Iowa

  • TE Alex Allen
  • OL Jared Penning
  • QB Theo Day

North Dakota State

  • OL Jalen Sundell

South Dakota State

  • OL Garret Greenfield
  • RB Isaiah Davis
  • WR Jadon Janke
  • WR Jaxon Janke
  • OL Mason McCormick
  • TE Zach Heins

South Dakota

  • DB Myles Harden

Southern Illinois

  • DB PJ Jules


Holy Cross

  • LB Jacob Dobbs



  • RB Ailym Ford
  • DB Clay Fields


  • WR Devron Harper
  • WR Ty James


  • QB Michael Hiers


Houston Christian

  • DL Jalyx Hunt

Southeastern Louisiana

  • DL Tyrik Mitchell


Alcorn State

  • RB Jarveon Howard

Florida A&M

  • DB Javan Morgan
  • DB Kendall Bohler
  • WR Marcus Riley

Grambling State

  • DL Sundiata Anderson


Eastern Kentucky

  • OL Josiah Ezirim
  • OL Parker McKinney

Southern Utah

  • WR Isaiah Wooden
  • DL Robert Horsey