Why You Should Come to Frisco Even if Your Team Isn’t Playing

FCS Football fans are a small but fiercely loyal group. From the teams that draw 20k a game to the smaller schools who draw hundreds.

FCS Championship trophy in front of Division I Football Championship banner in Frisco, Tx
Source: NCAA

The FCS National Championship Game, held each January at Toyota Stadium, has become an annual pilgrimage for FCS fans and media. Fans from all over the country come together for the experience. For a couple of days local bars and restaurants flood with fans and media for an event that makes us different from any other fanbase in college football.

It’s not easy being a fan of an FCS team. We rely on the local beat writers, radio people, and the few national media we have for information on our teams and how they fit into the national picture. Coming to Frisco for the game puts you in the center of the FCS universe for a few days. It is a chance to actually meet, and quite possibly have a frosty cold adult beverage or two, with others who are just like you.

Fans who know what it’s like to be considered kind of odd by our FBS friends and family for being as die-hard about our schools as they are about theirs. Fans that rejoice when one of our own knocks those people down a peg. Friendships have been made. Fans who may have known each other through social media get to meet in person.

It is not only an experience for the fans of the teams lucky enough to be playing in the game either, but for all FCS. No matter where you are from in FCS Nation, you can have a beer and a conversation with a Hero. You don’t have to be one of the Bluebloods. The only thing required is that you are a part of FCS Fans Nation. So much good has come from our fandom! Talley Bone Marrow and Be the Match have saved lives. Media and fans have worn gear from teams they despise to help children in Fargo, ND at the urging of FCS Fans Nation Facebook group. A Crazy person who roots for a team that plays on a field as red as the Devil’s schmeckle has permanently disfigured his body with a grizzly bear tattoo. We’ve gotten soaked to the bone by pouring rain and frozen in the cold, and not even that could damper our enthusiasm for being all together to celebrate something that defines who we are.

Have you been able to have a conversation with any of the national media that cover the FBS title game? Probably not. Security people and bodyguards will spirit you away if you try. In our subdivision you can and should walk over and introduce yourself. We are a special group. Yes, we enjoy poking fun at one another and perhaps a bit of trolling occasionally, but in many ways we are the same. We love our teams and our system, and although it isn’t perfect, we believe it is the best one.

Whether you root for a perennial title contending team or even a team that doesn’t participate in the playoffs, Frisco, Texas in January is the place for you! If you can’t make it this year don’t worry we’ll give you a Redshirt. First round of SoCon Kamikazes are on me!